Pre-Launching Community Marketplace for all Matrimonial Needs

Namaskara one and all! We are excited to tell the world that we have pre-launched in the Month of Karthika Maasa – A Community Marketplace.

What is a community marketplace?

Anyone of you can sell your products and solutions related to marriage. Whether it is Vara Puje Items or Kashi Yatre items related to marriage; or simply be a counsellor in solving the marriage problems between a husband and wife.

Amish Thakkar

Feel free to message us if you would like to display your shop in the portal.

“Marriages are made in heaven with the blessings of parents and good wishes from friends.”

– Piya Kaushik

We would look forward to your feedback and our team is working continuously to make it better and bring you more features that you love!


Piya Kaushik

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